Baptist Distinctives

B — Biblical Authority The Holy Bible is our sole authority for faith and practice.

A — Autonomy of the Local Church  The Local church should be self-governing and self-supporting

P — Priesthood of the Believer  Every saved individual has the authority through Jesus to come boldly unto the throne of grace.

T — Two Offices Pastor and Deacon  The Church has two offices — Pastor and Deacon. 

I — Individual Soul Liberty  Every soul has the liberty and responsibility to choose to accept or reject Christ and His commandments

S — Saved and Baptized Church Membership  Every member of a local Baptist church should be saved and followed with being baptized

T — Two Ordinances Baptism and The Lord’s Supper  Two ordinances were given to the Church by Christ Himself as pictures of His death, burial and resurrection.

S —  Separation  Every believer ought to be separated from the world.

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